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Covid-19 Update

If you've been uncertain about how to handle the pandemic lately, you're not alone. I've had a handful of customers walk in with a mask in their hand and look to me for some kind of cue instructing them to put it on or leave it off. That seems simple enough, but in those circumstances, I'm usually doing the exact same thing- holding my mask and trying to decide if the customer wants me to wear it or not. The brief few seconds of eye-contact and hand gestures are a stunning example of human, non-verbal communication in which an entire conversation takes place without a word being said.

For the sake of not turning an innocent, small business health policy update into a viral PR disaster, let's just acknowledge that we have all sorts of good folks out there with all sorts of ideas and opinions on the current state of the pandemic. My job is to serve everyone- regardless of those ideas and opinions.

Not only am I fully vaccinated, I tested positive for covid-19 last fall while experiencing minor symptoms, so my immune system is probably as well-prepared as one could hope. With that said, I generally don't wear a mask unless instructed to by the folks I'm with or the business I'm in. Nor do I wear a mask while I'm alone in my office.

I fully acknowledge that there are many people out there that feel much more comfortable wearing a mask and/or taking other precautions. I'm more than happy to (and I frequently do) wear my mask anytime a customer comes in with one or asks that I wear one. I don't argue or ask questions about people's opinions or politics regarding masks or vaccines. I trust that most of my customers don't visit me to hear my views on anything other than memorials or other related services.

I want to serve everyone in need and be mindful of everyone's health and comfort while doing so. Wearing a mask is not inconvenient for me. Keeping my distance- even in my showroom- is not inconvenient for me. Conducting business entirely by email, phone, or virtual meeting is not inconvenient for me. If anyone has any special needs or has questions about visiting and in-person interactions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

As always, if you really do want my personal opinions on an assortment of topics, buy a monument first!

Credit for image/cartoon: The Shawnee News-Star; July 2021

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