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New Face, New Location, New Everything!

The story of DiRienzo is long. Over 100 years long. History and tradition are great, but good businesses also learn, adapt, and evolve. And we did just that.

New Face

Over the years, DiRienzo has had many faces- from the original brothers whose name still grace the business and building, to kind and knowledgeable sales professionals who carried on the traditions long after the original founders were gone. Today, as has been the case for decades now, production doesn't happen at the original location. Rather, memorials were produced out of state, and delivered to our local cemeteries.

Today, I am the proud face and voice of this Madison legacy. I am also excited to announce that we are bringing production back to Madison. Our engraving isn't done on site at our new sales office at 5502 University Ave. (local residents would certainly be displeased with the amount of noise that would bring), but at a large facility on Madison's northeast side. I personally know each and every person that handle our memorials from start to finish.

New Location

Most Madison natives are familiar with the original location at one of our city's less proud examples of effective traffic engineering: The intersection of Regent St, Highland Ave, and Speedway. It doesn't help that the building was stuck by vehicles not once, but twice in 2019 alone.

Our new location, we think, is a little easier for customers to navigate to, and also far less likely to be hit by any stray vehicles. In case you missed it, feel free to pen 5502 University Ave. on your arm- or wherever you keep records of important addresses and phone numbers.

New Everything

As you read above, we have a totally new new supply chain and engraving location. Rather than outsource the dirty-work to our neighbors to the north (Minnesota), we're doing everything here in Madison. (Yes, you can even visit the facility to see where the memorials are produced)

We also have a more diverse network of granite suppliers. Rather than order through one wholesaler that also does the engraving, we purchase granite from several prominent suppliers all over the US and abroad. Our large volume allows us to import directly from India rather than go through a middleman.

Customer experience at the new DiRienzo is also different from start to finish. Our process is broken down in just a few essential steps:

1) Listen. Get a full picture of the customer's needs.

2) Educate. Provide a thorough explanation of the industry practices and procedures.

3) Advise. Offer solutions based on needs, budget, and expectations.

We expect consumers to shop around. We invite anyone who may be in the market for the first time, and those who have already visited another monument shop. The more informed the consumer, the more confidence in their decision!

Alex Coyier

Office Manager

DiRienzo Monuments

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